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Social Media Wellness: Tips on How to Turn Overwhelmed Into ➝ Overjoyed

Social sellers, Are you SICK on social media?


With Attraction Marketing Coaches: Jen Griswold, Prolene Quirit & Kristin Donahue

THURSDAY, September 21st

12:00 PM EST

You'll learn

Practical tips to create balance and healthy habits on social media as you grow your online business.

Have you ever stepped back to assess the impact social media has on you?

If you answered, "no"'re not alone. Most social sellers see social media as a powerful way to reach their ideal customers, yet we find ourselves being entertained, inspired and even influenced by all the content we consume. This can lead to unhealthy habits and lack of productivity. Let us show you how to build simple, daily habits that are sure to enhance your wellness AND help your business soar.

Are you seeking healthy habits and routines that will eliminate your overwhelm?

This eye-opening workshop will empower you will specific steps to take, as a social seller, to harness the true power of social media; without it impacting your overall wellness. HINT: it's not rocket science, it's simply about awareness and consistency!

Find yourself mindlessly scrolling on social media?

Our experts will challenge you to ask questions like, 'How many hours do you average online per day?' and you'll walk away feeling encouraged and equipped to create intentional habits that will modernize the entire way you sell online!!


Join Jen, Prolene and Kristin from the BossLady Bio team as they share everything you need to know about creating healthy habits online!

Our experts have a combined 20+ years of experience in the direct selling industry. They are experts in attraction marketing and leading teams to success. This is a dynamic trio that has a ton of insight you have to hear as you prepare to build your business AND mindfulness on social media.

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Jen Griswold

Founder and CEO

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Kristin Donahue

Director of Sales & Affiliate Program

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Prolene Quirit

Director of Community Relations

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